Our "5 Star Experience"

Each project is unique and our clients are all very important to us!

At CLÖD Signature, quality is not only defined by the quality of the product we offer, but by the entire experience with our organization.  From the first contact to the smiles of satisfaction following the photo session, we will be there for you.

Over the years, we continue to refine our approach to better understand and meet the expectations of all our customers. Our 
5 Star Experience, detailed below, is the process we use with each of our customers to ensure satisfaction. 


First contact and making an appointment

During your first call, we will ask you to describe your project. We set up an appointment at our facilities in order to get to know you better and have a better understanding of your needs and the dream you wish to bring to life!


First meeting

At our showroom.

We explore with you your needs, your tastes and current trends in order to clearly understand your preferences.

We ask for a couple photos and approximate dimensions of the rooms included in your project. You may already have plans, as well as inspiration photos which are also welcome.

We present the different materials and options for accessories 
and can provide a budget estimate of your project.

Following our first meeting, if you decide to proceed...

We will make an appointment with you to take the measurements and prepare presentation plans.


Taking measurements

At your home. 

One of our designers takes the exact measurements of the rooms included in your project in order to fully understand it's realities and thus be able to prepare your presentation plans.

Preparation of the presentation plans

We prepare 3D presentation plans based on your choices of materials and the exact dimensions of your rooms. We will also contact you to determine the date of presentation of your project.


Second meeting

At our showroom. 

We present you your project on screen so that you easily imagine your future kitchen, bathroom and/or built-in furniture will look like.​​

After our meeting, if you decide to proceed with the realization of your dream... 

We prepare production plans, purchase the materials and chosen components and manufacture the furniture and doors.


Delivery and Installation

At your home.

Depending on your project schedule, we deliver your cabinets
and our master installers finalize your project.

Smiles guaranteed!

Depending on the size of your project, delivery and installation can take place over a period of 2 to 10 days.


Your life is transformed! It's time to share!

Your dream has come true! You enjoy your new living space!

Once the project is completed, we will come to your home one last time to take photos that will allow us to immortalize another dream come true!

As with the majority of our clients, our name will surely be on your lips when someone you know also has a dream to realize...

To thank you for any referral(s), we will send you a gift card from Ares Kitchen Accessories worth $250 following the signing of a contract for each new customer referred.